A Secretarial Note

Hey SILS, I’m Sarah Hackney, and I’m the Secretary of SILSSA! This post is just to tell you a little about me, what I’m all about, and what I’m doing as your Secretary.

Let’s see… I’m Sarah. I have purple hair, so if you see someone on the 6th floor with purple hair and probably also an oversize purple sweater, say hi! And if it turns out to not be me, well, you made a friend. And also tell me about it too, I’m curious to know about any doppelgangers I may have out there.

Guys, I am trying to make #cardcatalogselfie happen.

As for what brought me to the LIS field, it was honestly kind of a whim. I’ve worked as a barista, park ranger, recipe writer, summer camp program director, gelato shop manager, bread-wrangler, housekeeper and unemployed person. I knew I wanted to go back to school, and I wanted to do something that would let me embrace my wide range of interests. My undergrad degree is in Linguistics, and although I am still totally captivated by that field, I wanted to do something that dealt with actual people and their communications and behaviors in a real, practical way, rather than just a theoretical, systemic way. I thought library school might be the answer. And since I’ve been here, I could not be happier. This is it, for me. And I hope you feel that way too!

I’m mega-pumped to be your Secretary this semester, and I hope you’re getting excited about the things that SILSSA is doing. If you couldn’t make it to our first meeting, the minutes are available for you to view online. And if you didn’t come because you thought it would be too long, lemme tell you: 15 minutes flat. And we’re aiming for 10. Ain’t nobody got time for long tedious meetings. Especially not between classes.

As Secretary, my main job is communications. You’ll be getting emails from me about upcoming events, and other things going on around SILS. We’re actually proposing some changes to the official job descriptions for SILSSA officers, and you can review them before we vote on them at our next meeting, if you want to see what my job officially is (if the amendment passes).

Also, I built you this website! It’s a work in progress, and I’d love to hear your feedback. Even if what you have to say is “It’s ugly and way too yellow.”  I know; it’s pretty yellow. I like it, but I want to know what you think.

That’s about all from me. You should follow @SILSSA on Twitter, and @PrattSILSSA on Instagram, and hey! you can follow me, too: @fiiidget on Twitter, and @shack_sauce on Instagram. You can email me at shackney@pratt.edu, and SILSSA at silssa.pratt@gmail.com

Thanks for making me your Secretary, and I hope you’re as excited about what’s going on at Pratt SILS as I am!